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We love what we do

It’s Delicious specialise in the production of a wide range of sweets, including cakes for various celebrations, desserts, and pasties.

Our commitment

With a strong belief in the potential of our products and services, we are committed to providing the public with the best confectionery offerings available.

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Handmade Cakes For Your Every Taste

The idea for It's Delicious was inspired by a desire to introduce Mediterranean flavors and offer a variety of pastries to the British market. The company combines the
new flavors and excels for the distinctive and special attributes of its products.

We Love What We Do

How We Made Cupcakes

A client that's unhappy for a reason is a problem, a client that's unhappy though he or her can't quite a finger worse.

1. Ingredients

With a diverse selection of ingredients at their disposal, bakers and sweet makers have the creative freedom to craft delectable confections, pleasing every palate.

2. Stuffing

The art of stuffing in bakery and sweets transforms ordinary treats into extraordinary delights, adding a surprise element that tantalizes the taste buds.

3. Cooking

Mastering the art of temperature control and timing ensures that each pastry or sweet is cooked to perfection, preserving its taste and texture.

4. Dish Ready

The moment a freshly baked or beautifully crafted sweet is presented, it's a feast for the eyes and the taste buds, making it a delicious and irresistible treat.